Despite opposition from 23,000 folks (out of 27,000 to comment), the Idaho Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously to increase trapping, snaring and killing of wolves year-round. They made the decision in a conference call on Feb. 20 to adopt all of the proposals. In other words, there will be no zone in Idaho where a wolf cannot be hunted or trapped—including pups and nursing females.

At their next meeting they will be met by a contingent of Idahoans that find wolf hunting, trapping and snaring all year round in most zones and for 11 months in the others to be repugnant, cruel and unethical.

Most egregious is that the Commission does not consider the science of its own biologists but instead sets policy with the clear intent of eradicating wolves from Idaho. Trappers, the livestock industry, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the suspect “Foundation for Wildlife Management” are calling the shots. The Commission is ignoring the science and ethics with the increase to all year wolf killing in Idaho. The Commission should be managing wildlife with the goal of maintaining and sustaining biological diversity, critical to healthy ecosystems upon which human health depends.

We humans eradicated wolves at least once before and the Commission is going down the same road now. Join me and other Idahoans who care about wildlife in letting the commissioners and the governor know of your concerns about their management of your wildlife.

Please use this opportunity to speak for wolves!

Christine Gertschen, Sun Valley

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