On May 16 we can vote "yes" to change our "1% for Air" local-option tax. LOT is allowed in Idaho for resort cities. It is not a property tax but a sales tax on tourist oriented retail transactions. We can vote "yes", we do want to reallocate the existing “1% for Air'' tax so that half is dedicated to housing for citizens and workers who are housing-burdened and half will still be dedicated to maintaining commercial air service and related marketing. No new tax would be imposed.

So why do we care that voters in the cities of Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley turn out and vote "yes" on May 16? We are in the retired crowd in the Valley. We own our home; we bought land and built when it was reasonable to do so. So, why do we care? We care because we need to have some housing that is affordable in today's market for people who are critical to our communities. We care because we do not want every employee to be driving an hour or more each way from work to their residence. We care because we want to live in a Valley that is diverse; that is not just folks who are well off or lucky folks who bought years ago when prices made sense.

At least 60% of voters need to vote "yes" for this change to happen. We live in Hailey. If the ballot measure does not pass, Hailey will continue to collect 1% to be used just for Air until 2050. This was approved by Hailey voters in 2020. Voting "no" does not reduce or eliminate the tax in Hailey.

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