I am a member of the Citizen’s Advisory Group for the Wood River Fire Protection District’s new fire station. As a member of this group, I have seen firsthand the limitations of the current situation and its impact on response times. And as a homeowner in the district, the first thing I want from my fire department is rapid response time.

Currently the district has three stations split between Hailey and Bellevue. Fire trucks and other equipment are stored at all of them. This means that firefighters often need to travel from one station to the other to get the truck to fight the fire with. The additional time this takes is time that the fire is growing, that pets and children are in danger, and that wildland fires can get out of control.

Additionally, the existing stations are small, which makes it difficult for firefighters to get into their firefighting gear, again costing precious seconds. Wildland firefighting equipment is kept in a narrow space at one station so if a fire like the one in Indian Creek this spring breaks out, valuable time is spent just getting to the equipment needed to put it out.

The bond would allow for the construction of a new fire station to replace the two in Hailey, and refurbishment of the existing Bellevue station, thereby improving response times to both the north and south valley. I encourage every voter in the Wood River Fire Protection District to vote yes for the bond. It’s a matter of safety.

For more information on the problem and the bond visit https://www.woodriverfirebond.org.

Elise G. Lufkin, Hailey

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