If you want an Idaho Attorney General who will keep this important office free from extreme partisanship and who will protect your rights to personal health care choices, to read books without state censorship, and to practice academic freedom, support Tom Arkoosh.

Tom Arkoosh is a fourth-generation Idahoan whose career spans 44 years of courtroom experience and legal expertise in water law, civil litigation, and criminal and administrative law, commercial work and public affairs. He has consistently upheld the law in a nonpartisan way.

Despite Tom running as a Democrat, over 50 prominent former Republican Governors, Attorneys General, state legislators, Secretaries of State, County Commissioners, and other state officials, as well as an impressive array of former Idaho law enforcement officers and officials, have endorsed his candidacy. Small donors of both political parties from Boise to Victor and Coeur d'Alene have contributed to help Tom win this election.

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