I have been a local firefighter for more than 30 years and have committed myself to bettering the service firefighters provide to the community.

The District 3 seat of the Ketchum Rural Fire District is up for election. The best candidate, Gray Ottley, has 13 years of experience as an engineer and EMT with the Ketchum Rural Fire District and the Ketchum Fire Department. He owns a successful local business and through his actions has demonstrated his commitment to our community. Vote Ottley.

Why change? The actions of the Rural Fire commissioners and incumbent Jed Gray changed the contract to provide fire service for the Rural district from Ketchum Fire Department to Sun Valley Fire Department. This changes where your full-time fire engine comes from. Your fire engine now comes from Elkhorn, eight minutes slower to your north-of-Ketchum and northwest-of-Ketchum emergencies (Hulen Meadows, Eagle Creek, Lake Creek and Board Ranch). Hold your breath for eight minutes; it’s a big deal. This election allows us to hold our elected officials accountable.

Ottley, with his experience working on the local fire departments and his business background, makes him the best candidate for Ketchum Rural Fire District commissioner. Vote Ottley Nov. 5.

Tom McLean, Blaine County

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