Carol and I are asking voters in Blaine County School District Zone 1 (Carey, Picabo, Gannet, Bellevue) to vote for Alexis Lindberg.

Both Carol and I are 45-year supporters of education in our community; we both recognize how important it is to the future of education in our county to have a School District board of trustees that has the skill sets to manage a large budget, 500 employees, and 3,400 students.

As the School District faces increasing local costs and limited state funding, the importance of fiscally responsible and financially knowledgeable trustees on the school board has increased dramatically. Alexis has those professional qualities and the personal experience to make sound decisions about income management and spending efficiencies. Important as well, Alexis has the ability to listen to colleagues and residents before making decisions on future school policies that deeply impact staff, parents, and students.

Alexis is keenly aware of the scholastic and athletic achievements of the Carey School and has pledged to support and enhance the Carey legacy as she performs her trustee responsibilities.

School-board elections are not usually dramatic or exciting. Many voters in Blaine County vote for city councils and mayors, county commissioners and sheriffs, and other county officers. However, school-board trustees can have a greater impact on our children and their parents than any other elected official.

Please vote Nov. 5 for Alexis Lindberg for trustee for Zone 1. You can e-mail Alexis

Carol and Len Harlig, Blaine County

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