Jed Gray has a long track record of community service and I am pleased to support his re-election to the Ketchum Rural Fire District, where he has served as chair since 2012. The Ketchum Rural District maintains the Griffin Butte Fire Station near our home in Hulen Meadows and it makes our neighborhood and those north of us safer to have fire trucks and firefighting staff housed close-by. The district also built the Greenhorn Fire Station to protect those in the mid-Valley. Not only are we safer because the Ketchum Rural Fire District made these investments, but this also keeps our homeowners’ insurance lower because it is affected by how capable a fire department is to put out fires.

Jed Gray has been a steadfast leader in these efforts. Recently, Jed showed his independence by voting to stay in partnership with the city of Ketchum’s fire department and he has been a supporter of the Ketchum fire station bond. He knows that skilled firefighters and updated fire stations, fire trucks and equipment are essential for public safety and critical quick response to small fires and wildfires. If there is to be a north county consolidated fire district, I believe that Jed Gray understands the issues and is the one to lead it.

I hope voters in the north county will join with me to re-elect Jed Gray on Tuesday, Nov. 5, as Ketchum Rural Fire District commissioner.

Jim Jaquet, Blaine County

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