While I am not a Ketchum voter, I do observe the actions of Ketchum City Hall. The current mayor and city council members have displayed a “We’re from City Hall, and we know what’s best for you” attitude. Whether it is the controversial Bluebird Village concerns ranging from parking issues, to fully transparent Bluebird financial disclosures, to openly addressing other housing alternatives and locations, or addressing the “Big Hole” on Main Street, just to name a few, the incumbents now up for re-election have demonstrated a lack of leadership and unwillingness to listen to citizen viewpoints. Ketchum needs leaders who will address critical housing concerns and the myriad of other city governance issues with an open mind and willingness to listen to their Ketchum constituents. Mayoral candidate Perry Boyle and City Council candidate Gwen Raney are experienced leaders who will listen and work for what is best for Ketchum. Vote for Perry and Gwen.

Jim Bronson, Sun Valley

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