Please join me in voting for Gray Ottley for Ketchum Rural Fire District commissioner. The Ketchum Rural Fire District has not had an election for fire commissioner since 2004; our current commissioners have been appointed by other commissioners. This process is legal but the business of the Blaine County Rural Fire District has been kept out of public view for 15 years.

Gray Ottley supports transparency at the district, bringing the business of the Rural Fire District out into the open, where it belongs. He proposes meetings of the commission be held quarterly at our local fire stations, which will encourage the public to attend. He will develop performance measures for Fire District contracts, which will hold contractors accountable and optimize the services we pay for.

With the disastrous failure of the attempted fire and EMS consolidation, I realized, along with many others, that inaccurate and sometimes false information had been communicated by the current commissioners and their representatives in Sun Valley and Ketchum. That failure to consolidate has led response times in the northern valley to almost double.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for accountability. It’s time for Gray Ottley.

Alex Babalis, Blaine County

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