Most City Council elections would find me busy with my life, worrying about grading papers, fitting in enough exercise, and getting my yard buttoned up before winter’s snow falls. I might roll into the election booth with less-than-complete knowledge on candidates and little urgency to make the right choice. It’s all different this year.

Sam Linnett and Juan Martinez are two City Council candidates poised to be the leaders that will help our city continue to prosper and adapt. They will each bring different strengths to the council, but both are equally qualified to play a critical role in our local government. They are for protecting our environment, green spaces, and keeping Hailey safe, livable and beautiful. They recognize that the climate crisis is real and that addressing the problem at a local level will create economic, health and environmental benefits for Hailey citizens. Both are thoughtful, kind and friendly, qualities that build positive relationships and make collaboration possible.

Juan’s roots are deep in the community; he is a Wood River High School graduate and current football coach. He wants to unite the community, solve problems with bold solutions and build positive relationships across diverse groups in our valley. Sam has the education (undergraduate degree in environmental studies), work experience (an environmental lawyer who currently sits on the Planning and Zoning Commission) and passion to once again make Hailey a leader in sustainability.

I am so thankful and appreciative of all the leaders who have served the city of Hailey in its government. Now is the time for new ideas, a fresh perspective, and bold leadership. That’s what you will get with Sam and Juan. Join me in voting for them on Nov. 5.

Scott Runkel, Hailey

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