On Nov. 5, residents of Zone 1 (Bellevue, Gannett, Picabo and Carey) have an opportunity to elect a highly skilled professional to the Blaine County School District board of trustees. With a master’s degree in professional accountancy and nearly 10 years of experience as a certified public accountant in Blaine County, Zone 1 board candidate Alexis Lindberg has the expertise to effectively oversee the district’s $55 million budget.

Since meeting Alexis more than a year ago, she has impressed me with her level-headed decision making, big-picture thinking, and desire to give back to kids in our community. She takes the time to thoroughly research issues before making judgments. Alexis has the ability and desire to devote time to the job, as well as the temperament to be an outstanding school board trustee.

As a BCSD parent, I have felt frustrated by decisions such as the school calendar and bus routes that have been handed down from the top with seemingly little regard for the impact on students and families. Alexis is committed to gathering input and hearing concerns from all Blaine County parents, students, district staff and taxpayers. She will represent us well. Please vote for Alexis Lindberg for Zone 1.

Stacy Whitman, Blaine County

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