I’m writing to share a happy incident that occurred recently in Hailey that elevated my faith in humanity.

I’m a frequent visitor to the Sun Valley area from Canada, drawn to your warm climate and warmer people. But this time their friendliness has been outshone by a sudden burst of honesty and kindness.

I’ve always felt the safety of the Ketchum/Hailey culture, where many feel comfortable leaving their keys in their cars and homes unlocked (I won’t tell anyone). It’s quite unlike my native Vancouver, so when I lost my phone there on a recent visit, I assumed the finder would be the new owner. The battery was dead, so I couldn’t find it with my sister’s computer. The finder, Mr. John Ankner, found it in the street, took it home and plugged it in. My niece had texted me in the interim and a notice appeared on the screen. He responded to the text saying that he had found the phone and sent his contact info.

The happy news was received from my niece on my husband’s phone as we rolled back into Vancouver. We had spent much of the 13-hour journey mulling the loss, the cost of replacing the phone and the decline of the human race. But I’m smiling as I write, warmed by the realization that kind acts such as this reaffirm that we are basically good people. Good behaviors are contagious; in the Sun Valley area, it’s become their culture.

Deb Gojevic, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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