I would like to thank Mary Rolland for giving us her story about the scam on Craigslist she wrote about. I would like to add my own story:

Last year, I had a scammer try to purchase an artsy, antique headboard from me, via text, that I had listed in the classifieds section of the Idaho Mountain Express. I was asking $200 for the item and the person said that he or she was going to send me a check for $1,000 and I was to deposit it in my account and send him or her back $800. The check came and I Googled the name of the bank and its location. The bank name didn’t exist and the address was nothing but an empty lot somewhere in an Eastern state. I figured that would be the case thanks to reading articles on the many different scams these desperate people are doing to people in an informative, trusted periodical for people over 50. Needless to say, the check would have never cleared through any bank and I would have been out $800 of my own money. I tore up the check, sent a photo of it to the scammer with a somewhat kind note, then blocked the number.

Even in our mostly honest, happy little valley here, we are not immune to the works of scammers everywhere.

Carolea Pothier, Bellevue

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