With Idaho health care facilities straining under the weight of COVID cases, it’s tempting to say that a vaccine mandate is a necessity. The problem is that mandates only work when there is a consensus among citizens to abide by them. Comparisons of a COVID mandate to traffic laws are seductive, but wrong. A more accurate comparison is to Prohibition or California’s flaunting Federal immigration laws by making itself a “sanctuary state.”

The media’s misguided association between anti-vaxxers and red state governors has turned getting the vaccine into a referendum on Joe Biden, and refusing the vaccine has become a way to express disapproval of Biden’s presidency.

If you really want people to get the COVID vaccine, then people whose credibility has been compromised, like Anthony Fauci or Joe Biden, need to shut up, and let groups like St. Alphonsus and St. Luke’s promote the vaccine, both to protect their patients and to keep their ICU beds free for emergencies.

A mandate won’t work. All it will do is convince more people not to comply.

Walt Denekas, Hailey

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