Dan Turner is running for the Zone 4 School Board Trustee seat. He currently holds that position and has been an outstanding advocate for our students, their parents and for the taxpayers who supply the funding. He wants to continue that important work.

Dan is a crucial part of the BCSD team, with his financial expertise leading the way to the best use of our tax dollars and maximizing staff for the students’ benefit. Finally, we have a trustee who understands how to spend wisely!

Dan has been instrumental in the board making good (and carefully researched) decisions during the pandemic troubles, and I’m very grateful that we’ve had him as part of this excellent board.

Some of you may remember that I was a vocal critic of the past superintendent and several board trustees. Not now!! I may not completely agree with every decision made, but, generally, it is my opinion that we are extremely lucky to have this board, at this difficult time. They devote a huge amount of time and effort to this volunteer job.

Please vote for Dan and keep this board together; they’re working hard, and still have plenty to do to keep our school district moving in the right direction.

Barbara Browning, Hulen Meadows

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