I would like to propose an idea to Mr. Jack Bariteau and the Ketchum City Council.

Mr. Bariteau has developed a number of properties to enhance the quality of life here in Ketchum. Currently he has the property at the south entrance of town that has hit an end point, or so it appears. The city is facing a great deal of resistance to the Bluebird affordable housing project being developed in the prime downtown core. I would like to propose a land swap between Mr. Bariteau and the city of Ketchum.

Mr. Bariteau’s property is ready to go and the current protested issue of not enough parking for residence of Bluebird Village would be moot, due to fact that the property is currently dug out to allow ample underground parking, maybe even enough parking to allow for city core employees to park during working hours.

The other opposition to the Bluebird project is the sheer size. Mr. Bariteau’s property was going to be a multi-story hotel. There is already the multi-story Limelight Hotel across the street, so the Bluebird design would fit perfectly in that part of town.

Mr. Bariteau would be given prime downtown core property to develop high-end housing with possibly retail space below.

I may be naive, but it seems the potential for this is a win-win. Mr. Bariteau would have prime property to develop and make a tidy profit on; the city would have a wonderful, much-needed affordable housing addition for the community. I think if all of them work together, they can find a successful solution.

Janet Crews, Ketchum

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