As a former state senator and caucus chairman, I am writing in support of Sally Toone’s re-election to the Idaho House of Representatives.

Sally is both a cattle rancher and a highly respected educator. With this background, she brings broad experience to many legislative issues as a knowledgeable spokesperson for all of us whose livelihood comes from the land and our rural communities. She is also a voice for the important needs of our educators and our children in Idaho schools.

As Idaho experiences rapid growth, many of our newcomers come from urban areas. They are often unfamiliar with issues of open space, wildlife, agricultural cycles and land/animal relationships. Sally brings her experience and credibility to all these issues, helping new neighbors separate the wheat from the chaff and better understand the issues under legislative consideration.

Add to this her years of experience as an educator. She understands the needs of our children and now the needs of our parents who have become their children’s educators in this time of coronavirus. She also gives voice to the needs of our teachers and administrators who have devoted their lives to our children.

Sally builds many bridges as she translates the hard work of our ranching families and our educators in her important legislative work for a better, safer, more productive Idaho.

I urge voters to support Sally Toone for state representative. Rarely do we find anyone as accomplished to represent us in the Idaho Legislature. Thank you.

John Peavey, Hailey

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