My choice for the District 26 representative Seat B is the incumbent Rep. Sally Toone. She is a native Idahoan, having resided in Gooding and Fairfield for 50 years. She is someone who has been willing to listen to and represent practical conservative interests in every part of this district.

Idahoans pride themselves on their down-to-earth approach to governing, which has evolved over the years. Our legislators do listen to the people of their districts and then make their votes according to the majority opinions. That is why legislators such as John Peavey, Clint Stennett, Wendy Jaquet and Michelle Stennett have enjoyed such long careers in the Legislature. They were trusted to make the right decisions for their district.

Sally Toone also fits into this mold of legislator. Sally has been a farm and ranch wife for nearly 40 years and is well acquainted with water, land use, access and other pertinent issues. In the Legislature she has been recognized for her work on the Agriculture Committee, so integral to the economy of this district. Last week she was named one of the eight Premier Ag Legislators in the Magic Valley. Our ag and rural interests need her presence in the Legislature.

Sally was a respected math teacher in two of our local districts and CSI adult education over her 37-year career. Children, parents and fellow teachers knew she cared, and they could count on her listening and helping to resolve their individual problems. That kind of trust must be earned!

A member of the Joint Finance Committee, Sally helps set the state’s budget. The members are selected for their Leadership for their skills and integrity.

A vote for Sally Toone continues to keep District 26 a strong influence in the legislative process.

Donna Pence, Gooding

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