After 34 years of proudly serving this community as a law enforcement officer, I have decided to retire and pursue other endeavors and to fully appreciate the lifestyle my wife and I moved her for almost 40 years ago.  

I began as a rookie in 1986 for the city of Ketchum under then Chief Cal Nevland.  My training officer, J.T. Creviston, instilled in me the tenet of “to protect and serve.” I absorbed myself in community-oriented policing and strived to instill that philosophy in the officers I have worked with and trained over the years. Serving the citizens of Ketchum has provided me with many challenges and rewards. Many of you have become my friends through our interactions and common goals of resolving situations. My main focus has been the kids of Ketchum. I have spent countless hours teaching kids how to ride their bikes. I watched and guided them through the challenges of adolescence. I have developed so many relationships with these folks over the years.  It has been a lot of fun. When being off duty and in town, adults I worked with when they were younger come up to me and remind me about our first encounters and the ensuing outcomes. I cannot help but think I instilled in them a respect for the police and doing what’s right.  

Ketchum has been my home and my community. You have supported me and my family through personal and professional challenges, and for that I cannot thank you enough. I will always be here to support you with my expertise in times of need to help guide you through your challenges.

I have worked with so many good people over the years, but I can tell you without a doubt, the current members of the Ketchum Division are by far the best and brightest I have ever worked with. The citizens of Ketchum will be in good hands after my departure.

Warmest regards,

Dave Kassner, Ketchum Police Chief

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