I am sitting at my computer at this moment with a heavy heart. The news of 13 U.S. servicemen and women killed in Kabul has give me a tremendous amount of sadness and anger. This sadness and anger is also felt by many of our veterans who have served in conflicts in the Far East and Middle East. I can only think that the morale of these veterans is at an all-time low.

When will we ever learn not to waste American lives trying to impose our culture on nations that are content with their own society and culture? What motivation do we have for entering these countries, except for the benefit of our corporations and industries that profit from these conflicts?

All veterans of this great country deserve a better break than they have been given. The medical care and monetary benefits given to veterans do not match the sacrifices of these men and women.

Every bill proposed by our Congress for the benefit of our wounded and disabled veterans always stands very little chance of passing.

Veterans are not given the priority they deserve.

Senate Bill 344, the Major Richard Star Act introduced by Sens. Jon Tester and Mike Crapo in February, still sits in committee. This bill benefits the veterans most severely injured in combat. The chances of this bill passing are less than 1%.

It is time to develop and show concerns for our veterans.

This bill needs to be brought out of committee and passed by both houses of Congress.

Corporations continue to make money with the blood of our veterans.

Thank you, Sens. Crapo and Tester.

Tom Kennedy, Sun Valley

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