I would like to call your attention to the county commissioner race between Kiki Tidwell, running as an Independent, and Jacob Greenberg, running as a Democrat.

Too often, we don’t do our homework about our local candidates, and thereby fill out our ballots “as usual,” voting for the same person, or party, that we’ve always voted for.

This election, you have an opportunity to vote for a truly independent candidate in Kiki Tidwell. A person not entrenched in any of the habits, relationships, or favoritisms, that inevitably happen to anyone who has been in office for a number of years.

Term limits? Is eight years not long enough for a county commissioner to be in office? Relationships can be a good thing, and they can also become a liability.

Kiki Tidwell is incredibly smart, hardworking, talented, diligent and willing to become your next county commissioner, if you are willing to give her a chance. Change can be scary, and it can also be refreshing and rewarding.

I’ve known Kiki since the early ’80s, when she was a part of our local restaurant community. I’ve watched her raise her daughter here, and watched her continual expansion of her own education through renowned institutions. Kiki walks the talk. She’s invested in alternative energy for decades and is an authority on the issues. She has monitored and participated in county commissioner hearings for the past 18 months in preparation for taking on this position. If ever there were a qualified candidate, willing to take on issues for us, this is your candidate.

I implore you all to look deeper, beyond what either party has to offer, and vote for the individual who will do the best job representing you as your next county commissioner.

Cindy Mann, Blaine County

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