I was shocked to discover that the incumbent County Commissioner raised county employees’ salaries and benefits over the past eight years by $7 million. He has also managed to raise his own pay/benefits to over $112,000 from a base salary of $55,000 in 2012. Is he really looking out for all Blaine County citizens or just those in government?

Kiki Tidwell has long been involved in worthy causes on behalf of Blaine County citizens, much of it behind the scenes, like the Snake River Alliance, which protects Idahoans’ environment and economy from the adverse impacts of nuclear power while promoting a clean energy future. As a person who constantly gives back to the community, she is building workforce rental housing in Hailey. Even in Blaine County, there is so much need and Kiki will work hard to see the dollars get to those who really need it.

I am voting for Kiki Tidwell as commissioner because I know she will cut wasteful spending in our county budget and prioritize taking care of all residents, including the most disadvantaged in our community.

Bobbi Hunt


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