Since schools are opening this week all across our country, it is a good time to recognize what a great job they are doing here in Blaine County. All the schools in our district ranked above average for their grade level. And our alternative high school, Silver Creek, was the highest ranked in the state. Carey Schools were ranked in the 87th percentile and the new Hemingway STEAM School scored in the 91st percentile.

However, some of the other schools in the district struggle with large numbers of students who are English-language learners, but the school board, staff and teachers are working hard in this area. Our school system serves a very diverse population, and there has been a small lessening of the gap in English arts proficiency and mathematics growth in this past year, and efforts are continuing.

Let’s recognize what a difficult job our teachers face with the variety of student needs and backgrounds, and the fierce competition of social media. Let’s try to support their efforts, and cheer on their success!

​Jeanne Cassell, Sun Valley

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