As we approach the vote on the bond issue for the Wood River Fire and Rescue, there are three considerations voters should be contemplating.

First, the original proposal last fall was defeated. Reintroducing the same $17 million dollar bond does not reflect a willingness to understand voter input.

Second, the information about the bond likens the cost to taxpayers as a cup of coffee "once every four days." This is disingenuous. The tax burden on Blaine County residents is based upon the assessed value of their property and home. This is reassessed each year. My assessment went up over 30% last year. The burden on taxpayers is not a static amount and individuals can not assess their true cost over the life of the bond. For those on fixed incomes that uncertainty is a significant issue.

Finally, as I understand it, Wood River Fire and Rescue provides ambulance and emergency medical services to the Hailey community. The new station will be located in Hailey, and they provide backup fire coverage for the Hailey fire department. It is reasonable to ask why Hailey residents are not asked to assist in the payment of this bond over its life and why the full cost is shouldered by residents in the Wood River Fire Protection District alone.

I am a supporter of the Wood River Fire and Rescue Service and support their need for better facilities. But I feel there is a better and more economical way to achieve this goal.

Deborah McDowell

Blaine County

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