Like so many other events in 2020, the annual Vacation Bible School hosted by Calvary Bible Church has been canceled this summer. It’s an event that has dominated my time in June for the past 20 years, so it is not a surprise that it has been on my mind.

No doubt like many of you, I have been deeply saddened by the events of our nation over the past couple of weeks. I care about this nation. I care about people. I care about our community. I believe racism is wrong because that is what the Bible teaches. I’m encouraged to recall that in 2019 at VBS over 225 individuals learned what the Bible has to say about race. In short, life has value; no matter where we live, what shade of skin we have or what language we speak, we are all part of the same race—the incredible, created human race.

To last year’s participants, you have been prepared to respond to our current culture. This summer I encourage you to wear last year’s “Incredible Race” red T-shirt, which shares God’s answer to racism. His message of truth: God loves all people. And so should we.

Susan Stouffer, Bellevue

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