Last week, I came back for a visit in beautiful Sun Valley, my former home of 27 years. I picked up a copy of the Mountain Express just like old times, and began to thumb through it. It turned out to be a sad experience. Little, it seems, has improved for wild animals in this valley.

Scrounging for food in garbage cans is still a capital offense for bears. Is it too much of an inconvenience for homeowners to secure their garbage cans? People bear responsibility here! Remember, if you call Fish & Game about nuisance animals you accept that might be signing a death warrant for those animals!

Big article on the ailing sheep industry. I thought about the behind the scenes efforts to bring livestock meat to the table. Predator control, euphemistically called Wildlife Services, handles part of this. In addition to cruel trapping, like snares, the Trump administration has reauthorized the use of a horrific means of killing predators to protect livestock. These include small cyanide bombs, planted in the ground. Wild animals and occasional dogs are lured with bait to the devices and then killed in the most agonizing, appalling manner imaginable. It is absolutely unconscionable to treat any animal this way!

Lastly, I turned the page to learn we are increasing elk kills, again, in the name of management.

While each of the three articles focused on separate issues and each article offered justification for the actions taken, there is a pattern of expendability of animals. Let’s face it—the animals lose every time!

Marilyn Martin, Boise

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