I think as a community we should recognize the great job Sun Valley has been doing with limited help from mother nature. At this point of year with the natural snow we have been getting we should all be sharpening our edges every night hoping to be able to carve a turn but that is not the case. The mountain is skiing great due to the hard work and investments by Sun Valley. The mountain has extended snow making later in the year than I remember, and the groomers are doing a great job taking advantage of this snow. I think we should thank the great work by the snow making team and the groomers. We should also appreciate the investment the Sun Valley company is making to help us through this difficult winter.

In this new age of social media, it is all too easy just to attack people or organizations and point out what is being done wrong. Wouldn’t it be much better if everyone could focus on looking for things that are working and recognize people for positive contributions. A good place to start might be with the people that are helping the mountain ski so well this year.

Gary Gruver, Sun Valley

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