In the midst of a pandemic that has dominated the national and local news cycle for more than six weeks now, it’s easy to miss other events of significance. This week, Blaine County will say farewell to Len Harlig as he and Carol relocate to Scottsdale, Ariz. During my 43 years in this valley we have been blessed with a number of dedicated public servants, elected and volunteer. But in my experience there is simply no one with Len’s record of service. As a member and chairman of the Blaine County Planning and Zoning Commission, as a county commissioner and donating countless hours on committees, commissions and organizations of every kind, Len has built and leaves a legacy of dedication to the welfare of this community and its members.

At times Len and I have been on the same side of an issue; at other times we have been on opposite sides, but Len has always been the consummate gentlemen, applying his calm voice, critical thinking skills and implacable demeanor to make his case. Never once in all my dealings with him have I ever seen Len raise his voice or engage in the kind of partisan bickering that now afflicts what used to be called public dialogue. He has always been the epitome of someone who can disagree without being disagreeable.

We are going to miss you and Carol, Len. I hope the Arizona sun and dry desert air will sustain you for another 87 years and that memories of your time here will be a constant source of satisfaction and comfort. Your work here is done, well done.

R. Keith Roark


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