As the Hailey Arts and Historic Preservation Commission, we are writing to thank Hailey Elementary for making a difference in our city with the newly improved public art on the Hailey Elementary School building. 

Thank you for your time, energy and initiative repainting this mural. This eclectic display is bright and creative and draws the eye, adding a much-appreciated splash of color and culture to our city. It’s a welcoming message to old and young, resident and visitor alike, and epitomizes the value of art—providing a snapshot of our community’s character and creativity. 

The Hailey Arts and Historic Preservation Commission strives to ensure that art and history remain a valued, integral part of Hailey. We cultivate and share these humanities to enhance our community’s culture, providing leadership, advocacy and support for initiatives to create and preserve these cultural treasures. Your completion of this mural epitomizes our mission, helping us preserve these initiatives for generations to come. Thank you for leading the way!  

Daniel Hansen, Chairman, Hailey Arts and Historic Preservation Commission

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