Sunday, May 23, could have been the worst day, but it became a day of second chances and overwhelming gratitude for the community of first responders that we are so lucky to have among us!

My parents were visiting from Florida—cooking yummy dinners for the grandkids and sneaking lots of scraps to their grand dog—when my dad collapsed at my house. My mom, a retired nurse, immediately began CPR while I called 911. The dispatchers calmly reminded me to secure my dog and kids and clear a path for the responders and within seconds I could already hear the sirens. You know how time is like slow-motion in an emergency? Well then, they were even faster than I can imagine! Hailey Police Officer Tucker was the first to arrive and immediately took over CPR. Before I knew it there was a houseful of first responders—Wood River Fire & Rescue, Hailey Fire Department, HPD—so many working together to save my dad. I must admit I didn’t have much hope. I saw him, I tried to hold his hand, I tried to talk to him.

But our valleys’ first responders? They did not give up! And they brought him back to life! An ambulance ride to the hospital and a helicopter ride to Twin late, and my family is still complete.

Everyone saved my dad’s life. Every single person who helped that night—I don’t even know everyone’s name, but every single person was 110% there for my dad.

THANK YOU, Wood River Fire & Rescue,

THANK YOU, Hailey Police,

THANK YOU, Hailey Fire,

THANK YOU, 911 Operators,

THANK YOU, St. Luke’s ER Staff,

THANK YOU, Ambulance and Helicopter Team.

We have my dad. He’s back in Florida enjoying retirement life (every day is Saturday!). Cooking delicious food (Swedish pancakes) and blending the best tropical margaritas you’ve ever tasted.

First responders: We are so lucky to have you saving, protecting and helping us in our valley!

Jen Barth, Hailey

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