Since the Industrial Revolution humans have come to rely on fossil fuels (primarily petroleum, coal and natural gas) to produce the energy we need to power the way of life we have become accustomed to. This reliance has led to an unprecedented increase in global temperatures that is responsible for, among other things, the wildfires and hurricanes that threaten our way of life and, closer to home, declining air quality, dwindling snowpacks, drought, invasive insect infestations and struggling fisheries.

The Climate Action Coalition of the Wood River Valley, joined by the Idaho Chapter Sierra Club and Conservation Voters for Idaho, is working with the Blaine County commissioners and leaders throughout all the cities in our county to transition to 100 percent clean electricity by 2035. With a mix of economically competitive clean energy sources like solar, wind, existing functional hydropower and geothermal, supported by ever improving battery technology, this is a realistic and achievable goal. 

On the Climate Action Coalition website, there is a button that leads to a page containing a petition pledge that every citizen can sign. The pledge contains the following language: “By signing this petition, I urge Blaine County and its cities to commit to a 100 percent clean energy future that helps prevent climate change, brings family-wage jobs to our community, grows the local economy, creates resiliency and energy security, and protects the land and clean air we cherish for future generations.”

I urge all Blaine County citizens to “take the pledge” and help us transition to a clean energy future.

Rob Lonning, Hailey

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