I am writing regarding the Flying Heart subdivision’s signs that claim that public parking is prohibited near the easements that allow access to the Big Wood River.

Rivers are phenomenal places to spend time. Having public access to the Big Wood River makes living in this valley special. By accessing the river at the two public easements along Aspen Lakes Drive, I have fished there, walked my dog there, introduced both my children to fly fishing there and taught my children how to kayak there. I have always parked in the allotted spaces and have always been respectful of the area, trail and river. I could not enjoy all those activities on the Big Wood River if I could not park there.

I understand that residents of Flying Heart Ranch may be frustrated with individuals who have not been as respectful to the area. I am empathetic to that point of view and teach my children and whomever I visit the river with that this public access and all public access points to the river need to “be left better than how we found them.” This needs to be emphasized.

However, banning parking for easements that allow public access to the river is the wrong approach to address this. Adding signs to encourage respectful use of the area is the better approach.

An important precedent throughout the valley will be established in the resolution of this issue. Public-access easements must include parking.

Please support your county commissioners who have asked for the removal of the No Parking signs.

Flying Heart: Take down those signs!

Phil Huss, Hailey

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