For the past 38 years, my husband and I have been enriched by our walks along the river by accessing the Big Wood River via the two public-access paths in Flying Heart subdivision.

It is shocking to see the newly installed signs prohibiting parking along the road there, which essentially are trying to prohibit the public from having access to those paths.

We have always driven up from Hailey, proceeded at the speed limit in the subdivision and parked respectfully in the gravel at the side of the pavement near the path entrances.

Our walks along that particular stretch of the river have given us countless hours of peace and fulfillment, and we have included many photographs of our experiences there over the years in our Christmas photo journals to family and friends. It is unthinkable that those unlawful signs are threatening us as public citizens to have our car towed if we want to walk there again.

It is daunting to think that the county commissioners must slog through the court system before they can make those signs disappear. I have sent them photos of all the signs taken on July 17 that were still there even though they had requested them to be removed. There are nine signs with the “No parking” prohibitions that need to be removed at once. Ironically, there are also Blaine County Recreation District signs at each of the two public-access paths, next to the “No parking” signs, as my photos show.

I would like to know what the homeowners of Flying Heart are afraid of, and what, if any, incident caused such a drastic measure to install not one, but nine of these frightful signs, threatening towing of anyone parking in the right of way.

Something needs to get those signs down long before a court order can be issued. What can be done to speed this up?

Ginna Lagergren, Hailey

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