We should all know by now that climate change is real, is happening worldwide and is affecting our lives here in the Wood River Valley. But, what to do?

The reports from the United National Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, the latest on Aug. 8, “Climate Change Threatens World Food Supply,” are so daunting that we all seem to be paralyzed into denial or inaction.

Well, there is plenty you can do. Start with writing or calling your senator and representatives demanding that government take immediate, meaningful action on climate change. Support politicians and organizations that urge actions with your contributions. Join local action groups like the Hailey Climate Action Coalition, which is initiating many government, business and community responses to climate change.

Want to get inspired and fired up? Join the Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20. Details can be found on 350.org. And tune in on Monday, Sept 23, on YouTube or C-SPAN to Greta Thunberg, the inspirational 16-year-old Swedish climate activist as she addresses the U.N. Climate conference in New York.

Tom Rule

Blaine County

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