The McClure Center and Sun Valley Institute hosted a discussion regarding local agriculture (called Policy Pub: The Future of Food). My question to Amy Mattias, panelist and representative of the Sun Valley Institute, was disappointingly unanswered. Question: Considering the recent California State Supreme Court decisions Hardeman v. Monsanto and Dewayne Johnson v. Monsanto and the findings that glyphosate represents a probable carcinogen and that Monsanto is guilty of negligence in selling the product, what is Sun Valley Institute’s position on the use of glyphosate, aka Roundup herbicide, in the cities of Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey and Bellevue? And what is its position on glyphosate use on locally grown foods?

The mission statement of the institute is to foster a resilient community and to foster local food-sourcing capability. The answer I received was, “We can’t afford the staffing.” My follow-up question, which I was not allowed to ask, would have been, “Taking a position against a known cancer causer and the most widely used herbicide in the world takes no more than taking a position. It doesn’t require additional staffing. Just a yes or no, do you or don’t you condemn the use of glyphosate in the production of our local foods?”

Forty-seven American cities and counties have moved to ban the use or curtail the use of glyphosate.

William Pereira, Bellevue

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