After many years of being closely involved with the Blaine County School District—as parents, teachers, taxpayers and advocates—we have confidence in our current board leadership and feel hopeful about the future of our schools.

Under normal circumstances, being a school board trustee is a big job that requires significant time, energy and focus. Of course, these are anything but normal circumstances. The rapidly changing landscape of the COVID pandemic has presented new and unforeseen challenges for our school system. Making decisions that deeply impact the lives of thousands of students, teachers and families is extraordinarily difficult, to say the least.

Blaine County is incredibly fortunate to have such a highly dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable board of trustees. We are encouraged to see that our new board is leading the district. We have a board that solicits and actively listens to public input and communicates its actions clearly to our community. We have a board willing to work overtime with biweekly meetings to pull together all the necessary details to safely open our schools this September. We have a board with a wealth of experience in finance, law, management and jurisdiction that has stepped in to guide our district through a crisis of epic proportions.

Our new school board has been in place for just eight months. In this short time, our new trustees have answered the community’s call to provide stronger governance and paved the way for a new superintendent for the 2021-22 school year.

We may not agree with every decision that this board of trustees makes. It comes with the territory, and right now, there are no easy answers. No matter what the decision, there will be people who oppose it, especially at an emotional time like this.

Now more than ever, it’s important to work together to address the unprecedented challenges that our school district faces. Launching personal attacks and unsubstantiated allegations against our volunteer trustees will only distract them from doing the crucial work at hand and add to our problems.

Let’s do what we can to help this new school board succeed and each do our part to get through this crisis. Our kids’ education and the health of our school community depend on it.

Jerry Boesel, Lori Burks, Angela Burrell, Maria Dudunakis, Daryl Fauth, Ginger Ferries, Jen Fife, Denise Ford, Wendy Jaquet, Erin Jessen, Christine Keirn, Donald Keirn, Cheryl Knight, Barbara Kruse, Wanuzza Leal-Wallace, Andy Parnes, Kate Parnes, Molly Page, Sue Peterson, Susie Quesnel, Jennifer Schwartz, Shae Taglio, Stacy Whitman

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