We need workforce housing in downtown Ketchum. The developers of the Bluebird have responded to community comments and have reduced the number of units from 56 to 51 units, provided new landscaping and have changed the design to give it a more interesting visual aspect. Unfortunately, opponents of the Bluebird only want housing elsewhere. They are working on other project sites. But let’s get real. The community needs the Bluebird’s 51 rental units as well as other affordable housing units. We want businesses to stay open and a more vibrant city, so all workforce housing should be pursued.

Housing in the downtown core, near shopping, restaurants, The Community Library, and other amenities supports the city’s goal of a walkable community and will reduce commuter traffic. It is critical to provide local housing for volunteer emergency personnel. I serve as a North Blaine County Fire Commissioner. Our Ketchum, Sun Valley and rural North Blaine County fire departments rely on-call volunteers to help fight fires. You can’t quickly respond to fires unless you live in the community in which you serve.

Please let the city of Ketchum know that the Bluebird Project should be built and to keep an open mind to other workforce housing initiatives that come before them.

Sarah Michael, Blaine County

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