I write to support Ron Taylor’s bid for Michelle Stennett’s seat in the Idaho Senate. As a firefighter and paramedic for 30 years, Ron has proved his commitment to public service in a manner few of us can match. His willingness to put others first, even at risk to himself, epitomizes the values we should expect in a person elected to represent us in state government.

Laurie Lickley claims to be a moderate Republican but has voted to ban abortion in all circumstances (S1309 and S1385) and criminalize librarians (H666 and HR23). She voted to deny our democratic right to get citizen initiatives on the ballot (S1110) and is so enthralled by an extreme ideology she is willing violate our children’s privacy by allowing genital inspections of children no matter how young (H500). Though she professes a belief in freedom and individual rights, her actions demonstrate she believes the state, not the individual, should control decisions about our bodies, our families and children or about how we exercise our democratic rights.

“When somebody’s house is on fire,” Ron says, “or they are experiencing a medical emergency I and my colleagues put aside any differences we might have and solve the problem in front of us.”

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