I am writing in support of the Ketchum fire bond coming for a vote Nov. 5.

I have been the owner of a general contracting business in Ketchum for 40 years, and I have been comforted in all that time knowing that the Ketchum Fire Department has our back when it comes to emergencies. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened yet, but if we had a serious injury or fire on one of our job sites, we know the Ketchum Fire Department will show up to take care of it. They are a highly qualified and competent team of people.

Ketchum Fire and EMT need a first-class facility for their operation, not a run-down, dilapidated building that is much too small for them. The city has come up with a well-though-out plan at a reasonable cost to make this happen. The timing for this bond is perfect, with interest rates as low as they will ever be.

We have known about the need to replace the inadequate Ketchum fire station for many years. Now is the time for Ketchum to step up and take care of its emergency providers.

Vote “yes” for the Ketchum fire bond.

Steve Kearns, Hailey

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