I am in support of the Ketchum fire station bond for $11.5 million.

The Ketchum fire and rescue individuals are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. They need a facility that has adequate space for their equipment and supplies, for training, and for promoting safe responses to emergency calls. The current facility is inadequate. It is non-compliant with building safety codes, contains cramped living quarters, and equipment storage is unacceptable. An appropriate facility requires adequate living accommodations that allow the staff the privacy to rest, debrief and practice their skills and expand their knowledge so that they can perform at their peak for our community when responding to an emergency.

Ketchum fire and rescue provide fire protection, perform technical rescues and deliver pre-hospital emergency care for the health and welfare of thousands of individuals and properties. When they respond to one of our emergencies, they put their health and welfare at risk. Let’s provide the working environment that demonstrates respect for our first responders. The bond will fund the facility we all deserve. Let’s show our support for Ketchum fire and rescue for what they do for all of us, by voting “yes” on Nov. 5.

Sandy McDowell, Ketchum

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