I offer my enthusiastic endorsement of Ned Burns for Statehouse seat 26A.

I have known Ned for over 15 years, and in the last five years, we have worked extensively together on a variety of professional and community endeavors. Ned and I served on the Sun Valley Board of Realtors from 2017-2020. During that time, each of us served as board president; I served in 2018, and Ned in 2019. The organization went through changes in those years. Ned and I worked to hire the new association executive, create processes to make our real estate data more accurate and helped get the 5B Veterans program up and running.

Also during those years, Ned was elected to be mayor of Bellevue. I watched as he got the city on firm financial ground. Ned handled the challenges of the role of mayor with poise, determination and an eye towards doing what is best for the citizens of Bellevue. When Ned was appointed to the legislative seat he is currently running for, he showed these same traits. Ned will continue to be a champion for the values of Blaine County and District 26. As a native Idahoan born and raised in Twin Falls, Ned understands the diverse nature of this district—from the rural agricultural interests to recreation and tourism.

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