As a 30-year resident of Lane Ranch, Sun Valley, I want to urge fellow residents to vote Yes on May 16 at Sun Valley City Hall on two ballot measures.

Currently we are paying a 1% local-option sales tax to fund air service/support out of Friedman Memorial Airport. Most of the local-option tax, or LOT, is paid by visitors. Voters in Sun Valley, Ketchum and Hailey have renewed this tax twice. Because of efficiencies with the airlines, we now can keep our current air service with a lower tax of only .5% for air service/support.

Additionally, we have the opportunity to vote to support .5% for affordable workforce housing. The city of Sun Valley plans to use this funding, about $541,306 per year for five years, to complete the first responder housing at Greenhorn as well as explore opportunities for the recently city purchased Ellsworth Inn surrounding property in Hailey.

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