Someone please explain the following: My wife and I (ages 74 and 71) got the vaccine because we believe it works. We have remained very healthy.

An anecdotal story from Sun Valley City Administrator Walt Femling (“Sun Valley pursuing COVID-19 vaccination requirement, mask mandate,” published Sept. 3) cited a Sun Valley police officer catching a mild case of COVID-19: “The officer likely avoided serious illness because he was vaccinated,” Femling said. Bingo! Get the vaccine and in the rare case you contract COVID it’s highly likely to be mild.

So why the heck would Sun Valley mandate that I wear a mask and submit to all the other restrictions? Proof of vaccination—no problem. Why do I care if someone in line behind me sneezes and fails to cover their mouth—I’m vaccinated!

And to suggest we follow the guidelines imposed in New York and San Francisco causes me to pause and ask: Since when did either of those cities offer Ketchum/Sun Valley any model of anything? “We need to be leaders not followers,” Councilman Keith Saks said. For crying out loud, then pick better cities to follow!

I thought the new slogan was “Don’t change Sun Valley, Let Sun Valley change you.”

Maybe the City Council didn’t get that memo.

Alan Patty, Sun Valley

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