Sun Valley Company has taken two more measures this season to be less of a “locals" mountain. As if joining Vail’s Epic Pass wasn’t bad enough, now they have both dramatically raised the price for seasonal kids programs as well as reduced the uphill/downhill skinning hours by 25%.

Anyone else find it ironic that while backcountry skiing is the only growth market in the ski industry that instead of embracing it, Sun Valley Company is fighting it? Wouldn’t it be better for them to find ways to get more backcountry skiers here rather than try to kill it off?

These moves by SVC are yet more blows to preserving the vibe of Sun Valley. While on the one hand SVC promotes the local character of the area to attract tourists, on the other hand they are squeezing the life out of what makes this place special. What’s next? A nine-story hotel at River Run? Why doesn’t the city of Ketchum stand up to them?

Perry Boyle


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