In politics, story-telling is a way of life. One side spins the facts and omits the negatives, hoping to persuade the voter to do their bidding. This is the case for Medicaid expansion here in Idaho.

Most states that implemented the expansion provided a pathway for funding. They realized that the expansion will cost millions of dollars and the savings in other areas will not be enough. Not so here in Idaho. The proponents glossed over the required 10 percent funding required by the state (for now) and instead, intentionally left out a funding solution. Why? Because raising taxes would have made Prop 2 much harder to pass.

Our legislators are currently trying to find the needed $42 million for fiscal year 2021. Since Prop 2 did not provide funding, the money is coming from areas that were not earmarked for this expense. The master tobacco settlement ($24 million) will not cover all the funding needed. This is a major concern.

Reclaim Idaho is insisting that the paperwork and work requirements are too burdensome on applicants. Get real. Every government program has paperwork and provides an appeal process should one be denied. Walk- or call-in centers will be available to assist, just like any other government program. They claim that “26,000 Idahoans could lose health care” should the paperwork requirements be implemented and that it will “kick thousands off health care.” Explain that in detail, please.

Do not be blinded by the story-telling from the proponents of Medicaid expansion. If anything, we should be concerned about “grassroots” groups that take funding from large outside interest organizations.

Jeff Kreyssig, Camas County

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