If we the people allowed Idaho Fish and Game to exterminate all carnivorous canines and felines, many homes would be without pets, and two species would disappear from Idaho. When Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials receive and respond to a “wildlife sighting,” do they prepare for any potential visit to the site by loading and carrying a firearm or a tranquilizer gun; to kill or tranquilize and transport? Obviously, one is exponentially more humane than the other.

People are encroaching on the territory of wild animals, not the other way around. Most are aware that seasonally and throughout the Wood River Valley there are wild wapiti and canine and feline species wandering about their territory nearly every year.

Perhaps these taxpayer-funded assassins should be defunded and/or disarmed. Contact you legislator and voice your concerns.

Randy A. Pew, Camas County

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