I, Don Lappin, am starting the world’s first petition for the end of disposable batteries. I know, I couldn’t believe it myself. No one else has been bothered enough by the idea of disposable batteries to put a stop to such a stupid idea?

We must now, like nature, recycle or recharge everything. So, I am beginning the end to disposable batteries. They are so toxic, a landfill killer. Why use them when we can use reusable batteries over and over again?

Sure, they cost a few cents more than disposables, which cost a few cents less for five hours. I am so electrified by the foolishness of disposable batteries that I, Don Lappin, have created an online petition on Change.org. So, if you care, please sign the petition; it’s easier than throwing away a battery, minus the guilt.

I am even going so far as to demand that my representatives in the U.S. Senate, Jim Risch and Mike Crapo, submit my proposed bill for the elimination of the sales and production of disposable class A, AA, AAA, C and D batteries halt immediately, and that such batteries be replaced and required, by rechargeable class A, AA, AAA, C and D batteries. No, “ifs, ands or buts” about it.

Let’s see if it is true that any citizen can submit a bill for consideration via their representative. (It will be a social experiment. I think the truth will not be true.)

How about you, Blaine County?

You are a social experiment, a true blue county, in a truly red state, and what you state says a lot to the rest of the country. Set an example, make the headlines, because you are the cutting edge of what is right and wrong and reusable in the world. Love your mothers.

Don Lappin, Sun Valley

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