In reading your great little paper, it seems many people around here are hung up on health.

    Maybe this is why we Blaine County residents live five years longer than the rest of Americans. Blaine County even has the highest life expectancy in all of Idaho’s counties.

    Apparently, I need to pay attention to everything from healthy eating to healthy rivers. Health care to healthy infrastructure. Healthy trees and clear healthy (dark) skies. And now, your Christmas edition has me looking into something I never thought about: healthy cell phones!

    Nearly every researcher and scientist who studies cell phone radiation admits they will never put one up to their ear. Now 5G! The quick Googling I did on the subject scared the bejesus out of me. This new quantum-leap technology that is being very warmly sold to us on TV and print has not been tested and is apparently very, very destructive to all living things, including us!

    I am now one of more than 200 signatures on a new quickly put-together petition to “Stop 5G in 5B.” My hope is that your paper will investigate and follow this issue closely. I also hope your readers, many of whom are living here because of the healthy lifestyle and the beauty of our wonderful Wood River Valley, will take this issue seriously and join me and the many others who are going to do our best to stop this unnecessary (fiber optics is already here and is actually better) and unhealthy technology from despoiling this wonderful part of Idaho.

Bill Leyrer, Sun Valley

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