It has come to my attention that many communities throughout the U.S., Europe and Canada have successfully been able to create moratoriums of the buildup and dissemination of the latest high-tech networks that are sending Generation 5 (5G) electromagnetic wavelengths into and through our residential, agricultural, commercial and recreational areas.

Since World War II, we have lived with varying uses of electrical energy through the airwaves, most of it invisible. It has been a boon to the growth of many countries and their economic, education and health sectors. In my research, with the help of thousands of peer-reviewed studies, I have found that the type of electric and magnetic wavelengths the telecom industries are now pushing on us is very suspect relative to its connection to wellness. In other words, it is unhealthy! The telecom industry has spent little or nothing to prove that 5G wavelengths are safe. They are not safe! 5G uses military-grade technology that creates a very high level of millimeter waves, waves proven dangerous to every living being’s DNA. They present a tremendous threat to anyone in the telecommunication industry’s sphere of influence. Newborns and elderly are especially vulnerable when in the reach of these hazardous rays.

The large telecommunication networks can be halted in this historically dangerous profit mission.

No 5G in 5B is a group of local residents who seek to create a moratorium on the telecom industry from bringing this unhealthy technology to our valley. We are seeking support from our residents, visitors and local governments. Reach out to your local town and county agencies to make sure they are aware of this impending danger and are working to keep your families healthy.

Curtis Mays, Hailey

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