The economic and psychological damage of the first wave of COVID-19 on the Wood River Valley needs no further explanation. However, one of the few absolute certainties that have come out of this experience is that wearing masks is extremely efficient at preventing transmission to others, much more than prevention to the wearer. In one case, two beauticians who were asymptomatic carriers treated 140 clients without infecting any of them because both were wearing masks.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media have decided that mass protests against racism and police violence outweigh the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Our Fearless Leader’s indoor rally in Tulsa with almost no masks in sight added to the false sense of security. There are even restaurants in our valley serving food and drinks where neither the cooks nor the servers are wearing masks.

We must prevent a second wave of COVID-19 from spreading in Blaine County, and while I hate government regulations more than almost anybody left of Ayn Rand, another lockdown and quarantine on our valley will be fatal to many businesses and to elderly people who contract the virus.

Therefore, we should demand that Blaine County mandate masks for anyone indoors, except for patrons at establishments once they are seated a social distance apart. Masks need to be provided on arrival for passengers landing at SUN, and going without a mask where others might be infected needs to be made as socially objectional as blowing cigarette smoke in someone’s face.

‘Nuff said!

Walt Denekas, Hailey

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